Posted by: ImpendingDawn | July 19, 2010

Jesus: The Figurative Janitor

Jesus is humankind’s janitor. We make a mess, we call on Him to clean it up. He pulls all of his tools out and works hard to restore the area, merely expecting us to trust that He knows what He’s doing. We cannot be content with that, however; we ignore Him, become irritated with how long the job is taking, or sometimes even convince ourselves that we could have done better on our own.

It’s simply ridiculous.

Where is our gratitude, our knowledge of reality? How can we possibly convince ourselves  that we could do a better job running our petty lives than the Lord of all Creation? HOW HAVE WE BECOME SO ARROGANT?

When I think of words to describe myself, arrogant is certainly not prominent in my mind. However, as soon as I begin putting myself at the centre of my life rather than God, I become one of the most ridiculously arrogant people alive.

Recently, I’ve been wrestling with some major doubts. I’ve been doubting God’s sovereignty, His knowledge, His power. Everything. I felt like He had abandoned me. In my mind, I had built myself up to be some sort of shining beacon pointing the way to God. I felt like throughout my entire life, I had been nothing but faithful to Him, and what did He do to reward me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I resented Him for it. Deeply. At a point in my life where I desperately needed his solidarity and guidance, He remained silent and removed. I couldn’t understand it, so – of course – I automatically assumed He was at fault.

GOD DOES NOT SHOVE HIMSELF UPON US. He gave us CHOICE, remember? We must CHOOSE to seek His will for our lives, and we must seek it consistently. He’s not going to pop up like some bottled genie and tell us what to do every second of the day. That’s why he gave us brains, dammit! It is about bloody time we learn to use them!

We need to figure out how to clean up our own messes, or, better yet, learn to listen to the rules our Janitor set out to help us keep our lives clean in the first place. We were created so He could love us, not clean up our shit.



  1. Passionately written and the first time I saw God as a ‘janitor’ 🙂

    Indeed there’s a guide from God how to live our lives but I believe He most welcome it too when we ask Him to help us clean our mess 🙂

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