Posted by: ImpendingDawn | September 23, 2010


“Beware of the Sunday Christian!”

That’s the lesson that was drilled into my head by countless pastors on countless Sundays. I suppose it wasn’t really that harsh… It was more like: “Honor the Lord your Father in everything you do. ” But whatever.

For many years I immersed myself in all things God. At school I was known as the “good little Christian girl”, and I was the “promising young woman” everywhere else. I didn’t mind these labels. In fact, I kind of liked them; they made me feel like I was succeeding in my ever-present goal: perfection. Jesus was perfect, and believers are told to try to be like Jesus. So every morning I would read a devotional before school. While at school, I would pray constantly and mentally wince when I heard profanity or someone taking the Lord’s name in vain. Every night before bed I would faithfully read my Bible, and take notes on how to be a better person. On Fridays I went to youth, and Sunday was church. My life revolved around God.

As such, I viewed these “Sunday Christians” my pastors spoke about with the utmost condemnation. How dare they tarnish the great name of our Lord by calling themselves believers on Sunday and sinning constantly during the week?! I used to mentally categorize people into true believers and the dreaded Sunday folk, placing myself in the former section, of course.

Then shit happened. My blinders were ripped off, opening my eyes to the cruelty of the world. Whereas previously I thought my faith was unshakable, I quickly learned it disintegrated in the face of the slightest obstacle. In the beginning I tried desperately to hang on to God. That failed. And now…

I am a Sunday Christian.

If I’m to believe my pastors, my doom is soon upon me. For I have become complacent and COMPLACENCY EQUALS DEATH.

Not really. But it does indicate spiritual death, so I suppose there is still some merit in that statement.

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do about my current situation. And to be honest, it isn’t a huge priority *ding ding ding: complacency!!*

So I guess I’m doomed.

…That was a cheery ending now, wasn’t it? Well you couldn’t honestly expect a POSITIVE post with such a title, could you? 🙂


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