Posted by: ImpendingDawn | February 7, 2011

Close your eyes and make a wish…

It seems I’m always wishing things were different, hoping for something more.

I finally got a job, only to spend my work days wishing they were over. I graduated, only to wish I was back in school so I wouldn’t be forced to pay rent. I spend winter days wishing for summer, and summer days wishing for time to enjoy the weather.

I begin rebuilding my relationship with Jesus, only to wish I could return to my old faithless existence; life was so much easier when I remained unaware – or in denial – of my flaws.

A friend once said something I found greatly disturbing: Life begins after high school. What? Really? So the past 17 years of my life don’t count; everything I’ve felt and learned and accomplished is just… nothing? No. I refuse to believe it, and I sincerely hope that’s not really how he feels.

Life begins the moment we take a breath, and it ends the moment we quit breathing. A failed exam, lost opportunity, or broken relationship is not the end, nor is an important graduation, huge raise, or happy marriage the beginning. Life is the process. Life is filled with conflict, failure, and success. Life is the accumulation of experiences and lessons learned.

And we only need to do two things to begin living: wake up and start breathing.



  1. ALEX!!! IT’S MEEEEE! Amanda! I’ve decided to make an effort and try to blog again, even if it ends up being lame. You should subscriiiiibe. In the meantime, keep posting awesome stuff because I’ll be reading =D

    And of course, I wanted to drop by and tell you how amazing you are. YOU ARE OVERWHELMINGLY AMAZING. ❤

    You're right. Life begins as soon as you're born and it doesn't stop until you're dead. I guess that (poorly phrased) quote is saying that a whole new world opens up after high school. It's true, but I still don't subscribe to that "once you graduate, your life immediately transforms into something brand new" way of thinking. Things change one day at a time. People get way too far ahead of themselves sometimes. I like the way you think.

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