Posted by: ImpendingDawn | March 7, 2011

I WILL get better.

I wrote a note to remind myself of that fact. Because that’s what it is: a FACT.

It is not healthy to become so violently depressed after a breakup. I mean, it’s a breakup; I realize that it’s supposed to be hard. Few people can work through the termination of a relationship without becoming depressed. HOWEVER, becoming so depressed that you’re counting down the days of your self-harm free month so you can slit the veins in your wrists and take an entire bottle of extra strength Tylenol is kind of ridiculous.

There are many things I have yet to learn. For instance: I AM IMPORTANT. I AM IRREPLACEABLE. THERE IS NOBODY IN THE WORLD LIKE ME, AND THE PEOPLE AROUND ME LOVE ME, AND THE GOD WHO CREATED ME LOVES ME. No matter how broken I am, and no matter how hopeless I feel, there are always reasons to keep going.

So I will keep going. Because one day, I will get better.

And if I ever forget that, I can simply look at the note on my bathroom counter.



  1. This rocks. ❤

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