Posted by: ImpendingDawn | July 4, 2011

Being Lazy

Hello, and welcome to the shortest update post EVAR.

1. Rebuild my relationship with Jesus.

Slowly but surely coming along. 🙂

2. Read the Bible every day.

Nope. Haven’t read in it probably two months. Oh well.

3. Clean up my language.

HAHAHA. Definitely not. It’s a problem, and one that I keep telling myself I’ll work on and never do. Whatever.

4. Get help for depression and cutting. 

It seems that the depression that plagued me for four and a half years is finally receding. :O I still have dark days, and I struggle often with guilt, but I’m slowly getting better. And I haven’t cut for OVER FOUR MONTHS. That’s just crazy to me. MOAR DETAILS LATER, FOLKS.

And thus concludes the shortest update post ever.



  1. Hope you continue to rely on Jesus and never cut again. Congratulations!

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