Posted by: ImpendingDawn | August 26, 2011

No therapy pour moi!


Do you people have any idea how expensive therapy is? I looked into booking a session with a local therapist, and was astounded by the fee. One hundred and seventy-five dollars for ONE SESSION. How does anyone pay for that shit?

My plan was to begin regular therapy in September, right around the time that I start attending post-secondary. (AHHHH! POST-SECONDARY!) I figured that would be a good time to start, because it’s tough already to deal with my wacked body image and keep clear of physical self-harm, and I imagine the added stress of school will only intensify those issues.

So much for that plan. Hehe. ALSO I was looking into buying a car so I would be able to actually transport myself to and from work and other places without having to rely on my parents, boyfriend, best friend, or anyone else that happens to have a vehicle and I CAN’T FRIGGEN AFFORD THAT EITHER. The way it’s looking right now, I’m going to be forced to mooch off my parents until I’m about 27 and they kick me out, at which point I’ll become a prostitute.

So! My point is: Only the rich can afford to be mentally ill.

Wish I woulda known that about four years ago. Sheesh.

P.S. The fact that I had no income for two and a half weeks due to pneumonia and still paid for a day of skydiving along with regular rent and phone bills might have something to do with my lack of money… But I’m just going to make use of my artistic license and ignore those insignificant details. =)



  1. Were you looking at a private practice? There’s this thing called public health care we have in Canada, ya know! I got referred to a therapist by my doctor and it was free because it’s covered under insurance and stuff. However that works. But therapy is a public service offered by the government just like any other health care service. I’ve never paid for it. I’m not sure how you’ve been doing things but it’s probably wrong! LOL ❤

    • Hehe. I’m not sure where I was looking but I don’t have insurance. And my doctor has no idea how messed up in the head I am. =P

      • Well you wouldn’t have to tell your doctor the details. But anywayyyy. Most colleges and universities offer counseling services on campus. Free, I think. You should look into that. Remember, if you REALLY want it, you can find a way to get it.

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