Posted by: ImpendingDawn | March 20, 2012

A Misconception

You don’t notice as Death slinks close by, stops, follows. You don’t hear when it whispers. You don’t feel while it touches. Death slowly creeps, crawls, infiltrates. Makes a home in your mind, and then, your heart. It spreads silently, suffocating rationality with self-hatred. It cloaks your mouth and grips your throat with its black fingers. Eyes and nose are crippled while hands and feet are bound so tightly they leak blood. Death wraps, envelopes, manipulates; Death promises escape from the black world it created.

Ensnared, you listen. You obey. Death unbinds a lone hand for a moment, because that’s all you need. It only takes a moment to sever the thread of light that keeps your heart beating. And so complete is Death’s illusion, that even as it guides your hand to swallow the pills, slit the veins, pull the trigger…

You do not notice. You do not hear. You do not feel.

Death grins.


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