Posted by: ImpendingDawn | October 9, 2013


Cutting is different than almost every other addiction. An alcoholic can learn to avoid bars and clubs and parties and liquor stores. An alcoholic can choose to keep their wallets closed and their houses free of temptation. Cutting is not affected by any amount of self-control; we cannot choose to avoid scissors and tweezers and knives and razor blades. We cannot rip out our own fingernails to escape the temptation to scratch, to see our skin rip and tear, to feel the blood welling out. We cannot pad every corner and avoid every accidental scrape and bruise.

Cutting is always there; in craft rooms and bathroom drawers and kitchen cupboards. It’s in sharp corners and accidental falls and untrimmed nails. Cutting is different; you will always be able to hear it taunting you. But hearing is different too. Hearing is different than listening.


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